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Head and Brain Injuries

In most circumstances a brain injury is caused by an outside force, but can include the complications that can follow. These can include damage caused by a lack of oxygen and rising pressure and swelling in the brain. In many cases a traumatic brain injury can be seen as a chain of events. Different stages

The first injury happens at the point of impact or in the seconds after the incident, and are usually one of three types:
Closed Head Injury – usually as a result of rapid acceleration or deceleration, for example when a car hits a wall
Open Wound – when the skull is broken and the brain exposed and or damaged, such as a bullet wound
Crushing Injury – this can damage the base of the brain stem and skull, for example when the head is caught between two hard objects

The second injury occurs in the minutes and hours after this, all depending upon when skilled medical intervention happens. It is when the brain is starved of oxygen, which makes the damage far worse. If sufficient oxygen doesn’t reach the brain then significant damage can be done. Understanding this has led to improvements in the way emergency treatments are administered.

The third injury can happen at any time after the first and second injuries – even weeks after the incident, and can cause severe complications. It usually involves bleeding, bruising or swelling within the brain, or because blood clots have developed.

The effects of a brain injury

When the brain is damaged in these ways, the most common response is for it to go into coma; when the parts of the brain that usually keep you active and alert shut down. When different parts of the brain don’t get the oxygen that they need, or are damaged, they cause different effects within the body. For example damage to the right side of the brain (parietal lobes) can result in weakness in the limbs, whereas damage to the left side (the brain stem) can cause issues with speech and language skills. There’s also a host of invisible changes which can occur such as a change to someone’s personality, the way they think, and their memory.

How can Mercury Legal help?

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury and it was not their fault, then you or they could be eligible to claim for compensation; not only for the pain and grief caused by the injury, but for the changes you may have to make to your lifestyle. Our team of highly experienced solicitors are on hand to guide you through the process of making a claim, and ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.


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